“The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.”

Historic Buildings on Romney Marsh

Romney Marsh has many historic buildings and structures providing a picture of life on the Marsh over the centuries and during times of war.

Historic Buildings - By Name

Index Icon Martello Tower No.19 Dymchurch
Index Icon Martello Tower No.23 Dymchurch
Index Icon Martello Tower No. 24 Dymchurch
Index icon Martello Tower No. 25 Dymchurch
Index icon Mulberry Harbour Littlestone

Index icon New Hall Dymchurch

Index Icon Old Lighthouse Dungeness
Index Icon Old Lifeboat Station Dungeness

Index icon Old Railway Station Dungeness

index icon PLUTO Greatstone  
Index icon Prospect Cottage Dungeness

Index Icon 'Railway Cottages' Dungeness
Index Icon RNSSS Cottages Dungeness
Index Icon Royal Military Canal

Index icon St John's Priory New Romney
index icon St Mary the Virgin St Mary in the Marsh

index icon St Nicholas New Romney
index icon Sanctuary, The Dungeness
index icon Ship Hotel, The New Romney
Index Icon 
Sound Mirrors Greatstone
index icon Star Inn, The St Mary in the Marsh

Index Icon Tanning Coppers Dungeness
Index icon Tourney Hall Lydd

Index icon Water Tower Littlestone
Index Icon Watch House LIttlestone

Index icon Watering House Dungeness
Index Icon Well Cottage St Mary in the Marsh

Index icon Wireless Shed Dungeness
Index Icon Wooden Boat Winch Dungeness

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Historic Buildings - By Location

Index Icon Dungeness       index con Littlestone      index icon Lydd       index icon New Romney       index icon St Mary in the Marsh