“The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.”

Clubs, Societies and Associations: Newchurch

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Romney Marsh Dog Training Club

The Romney Marsh Dog Training Club run obedience classes suitable for all-comers, from first-time dog owners to those with more experience, from children to pensioners, and you do not have to have a puppy to be able to start dog training.  They are a charity club, donating monies to animal charities each year.

The club encourages reward based training, so lots of treats, favourite toys and pats are essential. They aim to help pet dog owners enjoy their pets, working on exercises to help achieve this, such as walking to heel, coming when called, staying in one position, and waiting for their owner to go through a gateway first.

The club follow the Kennel club good citizen awards for those who want to participate.  The awards start with the puppy assessment, this is an ongoing informal assessment for dogs under 1 year old and covers owning, living with and training a puppy.

Double Handling
Double Handling

Then the dogs can move onto the bronze, silver and finally gold awards.  These awards are based on good behaviour and sound temperament of pet dogs. Many dogs, of all shapes and sizes, and their owners have enjoyed the success and sense of achievement at receiving these awards! The club also organise and enjoy social events include dog walks and fish and chips on the beach, woodland walks and Christmas dinner!

Classes are held on a Monday night at Newchurch village hall.  If you are interested in joining please contact Cherry Telephone Icon 01303 261854 to discuss your needs.  If there is a place available, you and your dog will be invited along for a assessment with one of the trainers.

For more information, please visit the Romney Marsh Dog Training Club website.

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Newchurch, Dymchurch & Burmarsh Heating Oil Club

The Newchurch, Dymchurch & Burmarsh Heating Oil Club and includes the villages of Newchurch, Dymchurch, Ivychurch, Snarget & Burmarsh and the surrounding area in Kent covering the post code sector(s) area of TN28 and TN29. The club is free and is open to new members.

The Oil-Club is an independent organisation with the aim of reducing the financial cost and help the environment as much as they can. They are an Internet only organisation in the effort to keep costs low. As a member you will have access to the messaging system or online chat if you require getting in touch. 

The savings you can achieve vary depending on the time of the year you place your order and how often you order. As a village club membership gets bigger, so the number of deliveries will increase. For example a village with 30 members will likely have 3 to 5 deliveries per annum whereas a village with 100 members would probably have one a month or more. A village with 100 members will save around 150 to 180 heavy duty vehicle trips a year through your village. A big saving on the wear and tear to our village lanes, roads and to the environment. Each litre of diesel contains around 0.72kg of carbon. A truck will use 50 litres or more of diesel to travel 75 miles so the carbon saving can be substantial.

For more information, please visit The Oil-Club website.

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Newchurch Social Club

The Newchurch Social Club is adjacent to Village Hall in Newchurch. The club is open every evening (except Tuesday) 7.30pm to 11.00pm. It has a bar with low prices, with darts, pool and juke box, and provides entertainment through out the year. The club is for members and their guests only, and their well behaved children are welcome too. However, they welcome non–members to use the facilities of the bar you must, by law, be signed in by a full member

Membership is only £7.50 for a year. Please ask at the bar for an application form.

For more information, please visit the Newchurch Social Club website.

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Newchurch Village Productions

Newchurch Village Productions– aka the Panto Group – started in 2008. They arrange annual productions in Newchurch Village Hall with all profits going to local causes and charities. Everyone is welcome to join in; it’s a great way to get to know people and have fun whilst doing something creative and worthwhile.

Every year the script is entirely original and is written to fit the cast – so if you’d like to join in then a part will be found just for you!  The group have also designed, built and painted their own sets and make many of their own props and costumes. This means they are able to get more of the money they make to the chosen charities of each production. It also means that there are always plenty of off-stage jobs for those who would like to get involved without having to face the audience!

'The Wizard of Stone'
'The Wizard of Stone'

For more information, please visit the Newchurch Village Productions website.

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