“The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.”

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Events 14 July 2019

Date: 4 to 14 Jul

Time: Various

JAM on the Marsh

JAM on the Marsh is an annual multi-arts festival built around Kent’s magnificent JAM on the MarshRomney Marsh and its famous medieval churches. Each year JAM on the Marsh crosses the Romney Marsh from Dungeness to Hythe and Lympne to New Romney. The Marsh churches are true beacons of culture and history; they are the heart of the festival.

See below for the details of all the events

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Location: Romney Marsh
Contact: sarah@jamconcert.org
Date: 4 to 14 Jul

Time: 11 days

Live within the Scenery, Amos Miller

Amos Miller is best known as a trombone player; he’s a founder member of JAM regulars, Onyx Brass and Principal Trombone Live within Scenery, Amos Millarof Birmingham Royal Ballet.  He is also an extraordinary photographer!

In his first solo exhibition, he brings his unique eye to Dungeness, with a set of utterly beautiful images that take the area and very slightly turn it on its head.  His images are both striking and challenging, though never alienating, whilst capturing the beauty of this unique shore in a spectacular and usual way.

He comments “I’ve always been struck by the beauty within the bleakness of Romney Marsh and the way human landmarks seem to have “osmosed” into the landscape. Human landmarks, from the medieval churches to the acoustic mirrors to the nuclear power station seem to live within the scenery rather than trespass upon it.”

More information

Location: Romney Marsh Visitor Centre
Contact: 0800 988 7984
Date: 4 to 14 Jul

Time: 11 days

Romney Marsh Students' Photography

Last year, JAM on the Marsh and the Romney Resource Centre began an exciting new photography collaboration, leading to Romney  Marsh Students' Photographyan exhibition in the 2018 festival. Led by Susan Pilcher, with additional mentorship from Justin Sutcliffe and Tristan Fewings, we have continued our weekly club for the local young people, with the end goal being this exhibition and an Arts Award for the participants.  These young photographers have worked hard to create this very public exhibition, along with the world famous Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, from Hythe Station to The End of the Line Restaurant, Dungeness, gaining skills all the while.

The festival and Romney Resource Centre have a reputation for delivering high-quality training, with a wealth of experience in supporting individuals and the wider community.  Our aim is to improve the lives of local residents on Romney Marsh by providing education and helping people close skills gaps.

More information

Date: 4 to 14 Jul

Time: 11 days

Sculpt the World, Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman’s beach sculpture is one of the most exciting exhibitions that has ever come to the festival.  Daily, from 4th – 14th July, Sculpt the World, Jon ForemanJon will create breath-taking works of art on the sands at Dymchurch.  These will be seen from the seawall at the Hythe end of Dymchurch beach, opposite Sycamore Gardens.  Like a giant Etch A Sketch, the sea will come in and rub away each piece of art, ready for the next day’s piece.

Traditionally, the view of art is of something permanent, of a piece to be kept, dusted and passed on. Jon’s work challenges this perception, producing staggering, ephemeral designs that are lost with the next tide.

Jon Foreman will be the first Artist in Residence at JAM on the Marsh.


More information

Date: 14 Jul 2019

Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm

Come & Sculpt the Beach with Jon Foreman

On this final day of the 2019 festival, come and join Artist in Residence, Jon Foreman, at the Hythe end of Dymchurch beach, Come and Sculp the Beach with Jon Foremanopposite Sycamore Gardens – TN29 0LA, as he leads a morning teaching you how to create masterpieces in the sand.  You will need to bring some string and a garden rake, to enable you to produce your own art.  This is an amazing opportunity to work alongside a master craftsman, before your work and his disappear beneath the waves, to last only as a memory…


More information

Date: 14 Jul 2019

Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

Grahame Davies Poetry Recital & Discussion

Grahame Davies is a Welsh poet, author and lyricist, who has won numerous prizes, including the Wales Book of the Year Award. Grahame Davies Poetry Recital & Discussion

He is the author of 17 books in Welsh and English, including: The Chosen People, a study of the relationship of the Welsh and Jewish peoples; The Dragon and the Crescent, a study of Wales and Islam; a novel, Everything Must Change, about the French philosopher Simone Weil, and the popular work of psychogeography, Real Wrexham.

Festival regulars will also know Grahame as a librettist, he having written the words for Festival Commissions by Paul Mealor, Tom Harrold and Stuart Beatch, including the libretto for Voices of Vimy, 2017’s Festival Commission, premiered by the BBC Singers in New Romney, and broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Having visited the festival for several years, Grahame has agreed to write a new libretto, based on his poems about the area, for next year’s Festival Commission, composed by Jack Oades. As well as hearing Grahame’s poems and ideas to date, this event will give our festival audience a chance to be involved in the creation of next year’s commission, by participating and commenting on ‘their’ Marsh. This will influence how Grahame approaches his new libretto.

Festival Curator, Michael Bawtree and JAM’s Artistic Director, Edward Armitage, will also contribute to this creative discussion.


More information

Date: 14 Jul 2019

Time: 4.00pm - 5.30pm

We are not Shellfish 2, Sabotage Theatre

Sabotage Theatre returns to the festival following their spectacular production of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, last year. We are not Shellfish 2, Sabotage Theatre

In a small bedroom on the Southeast coast of Kent a 9 year old child crumples onto her pillow in despair. Today has not been a good day. Today Leah learned about the concept of infinity. Leah didn’t sleep last night, and she assumes she may never sleep again. Every time she closes her eyes the red glowing dots on the inside of her eyelids swirl, tormenting her with the thought of it. Trying to imagine it. Trying to pin it down. Infinity; it’s just too BIG.

Using puppets, comedy, masks and live music We are not Shellfish is a magical coming of age story, narrated by goldfish, an octopus and a talking rucksack. What happens if a child has the imagination, courage and ambition to change the world?

“Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical and beautiful” – Fringe Review of The Looker

More information

Location: St George’s Church, Ashford Road, Ivychurch, Kent
Contact: Box office: 0800 988 7984 or book online: www.jamconcert.org
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