“The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.”

Fishing on Romney Marsh

Romney Marsh provides some great areas for different kinds of fishing.





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Coarse Fishing

Course fishing refers to angling for coarse fish.  Coarse fish are freshwater fish as distinguished from game fish.  Freshwater game fish are salmon, trout and char which are all salmonids, therefore coarse fish are freshwater fish other than salmonids. Coarse fishing is available on particular stretches of the Royal Military Canal and on some of the lakes at Lydd and Dungeness.

Royal Military Canal

The Royal Military Canal is one of the best areas in Kent for coarse fishing and still has a large quantity and variety of species, with stocks of Tench, Bram, Roach and Skimmers plus excellent winter Pike fishing.

If you want to fish the canal, you need to contact one of the clubs that control particular stretches of the canal. They are:

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Canal Stretch                                                     Contact
Seabrook to Giggers Green Road                        Cinque Ports Angling Society
      11 miles approx
Giggers Green Road to Bilsington                        Linton Angling Society
      2 miles approx
NB Ruckinge to Bilsington is privately owned, there is no fishing allowed

Church Lane, Kenardington
Church Lane to Appledore                                    Mid Kent Fisheries
      2 miles approx

It may be possible to fish some of these stretches of the canal without being a member of the relevant clubs by obtaining a day permit. Please contact the individual fishing clubs for more information on day permit fishing and how to obtain one.

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Excellent Fishing
Royal Military Canal


Dungeness Long Lakes
is by far one of prettiest waters, being covered in beautiful, yellow-fringed water lilies and having a wonderful diversification of wildlife present within its waters. You’ll find quality Tench, which run to well over 7 lb, and decent numbers of Roach and Rudd to be caught on both feeder and float tactics, using corn and maggot as hook baits fished between the aquatic vegetation. The venue also holds a good number of predators, primarily Pike and Eels.

Day tickets for the long lakes are available from Seagull Fishing Tackle.

Herons Park Lake at Lydd have a small number of Carp present but the main species is Tench of which there are large numbers, up to 12lb. Also present are very big Rudd and Roach.

Theses lake are under the control of Lydd Angling Club, from whom you can obtain further information.

Lydd Lakes located to the west of Lydd town off Dennes lane, are managed by Mid Kent Fisheries.

There are three lakes which were very fertile with masses of natural life such as Shrimp in the water, so when the lakes were stocked with Carp they did well and grew very quickly. The growth rates have produced four Carp over 40lb with the biggest coming in at 47lb, it also has numerous Carp weighing up to mid thirties.


Dungeness Lakes
Dungeness Lakes

Lydd Lakes
Lydd Lakes

Sea Fishing 

The Romney Marsh coast has an amazing range of fishing with two bays: the East Bay through to Hythe, and the West Bay through to Jury's Gap, wiht lots of variation.

Dungeness is the premier Cod fishery in the country; this nature reserve has the biggest shingle cuspate (created primarily by long shore drift) in Europe and has superb fishing all year round.  the deep water in this area throws up many different species such as: Whiting; Dabs; Pouting; Dogfish; Dover Sole and Bass to name a few.

Local charter boats are available from Dungeness:

Fairchance Skipper: Jerry Oilier 01797 363544    Elizabeth Skipper: Trevor Bunney 01797321282
Sea Otter Skipper: Jason Adams 077 72708317    Peganina Skipper: Anthony Hills 079 89778361

Sea Fishing
Sea Fishing

For further information about sea fishing in the area, please contact one of the following:

  Website Icon Seagull Fishing Tackle
  Website Icon Dungeness Angling Association
  Website Icon Dymchurch & District Sea Angling Club 
  Website Icon Varne Boat Club Fishing Section

Beach Fishing

There are many places along the Romney Marsh coast where there is excellent beach fishing, from Dungeness Point round to Littlestone.

For information about places to beach fish, please see Seagull Fishing Tackle and/or Kent Coast Sea Fishing Compendium's guides for Dungeness and Hythe, LIttlestone and Greatstone.

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Beach Fishing
Beach Fishing