“The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.”

Lost Pubs of Romney Marsh

Over the years, many of the old pubs on Romney Marsh have closed and a couple have moved. We have identified seventeen such pubs to date that are now closed, some even gone. Please use the index or just scroll down the page.

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We also know of the First & Last in Lydd and that there was an earlier Pilot Inn on Dungeness before the present one at Lydd-on-Sea. If you have any information about either of these pubs, or indeed any other lost pubs, then Peter will be pleased to hear from you. 

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Alliance Inn Brookland

Located in Salters Lane just off the A259, it closed as a pub in the early 1980s, becomming a restaurant and tea rooms.

It is is now private house.


The Alliance Inn c 1930
The Alliance Inn c1930

The Alliance in Brookland
     The Alliance Inn  in 2013

The Beehive Inn Lydd

Located in Lydd High Street. The building dates from 1715 and when an Inn was known for bare-knuckle fighting.

The beehive Inn Today
The Beehive Inn in 2015

Black Bull Newchurch

A Grade II Listed Building located in Mill Lane, it is now a Grade II listed residential property.

The pub closed c1995 having recently been purchased by the brewer Shepheard Neame. Up to that time the pub had been run by two sisters. 

Shepherd Neame had purchased the Black Bull and a second pub, The Royal Oak Inn at Bonnington, a couple of miles to the north east. Neither pub attacted enough custome are both were closed.

Black Bull in Newchurch
         The Black Bull in 2016

Bridge Inn Lydd

Located in Station Road, it is currently (2016) in a run down state. It was built in 1881, when it was known as the Railway Hotel.

Bridge Inn in Lydd
‚Äč        The Bridge Inn in 2013

British Sailor Galloways

Located about 2 miles west of Dungeness Point near the beach at the end of Galloways Road.

The pub was home to the Heath family with one room being used as a bar.

Map showing location c1900
Map showing location c1900

British Sailor c 1936
The British Sailor c1936 (Ack.47)

Fleur de Lis Inn Brenzett

A Grade II Listed Building located on the roundabout on the B2080 where it joins King Street. Closed about 10 years ago. Currently (January 2017) being converted into residential flats.

Fleur de Lis Inn in Brenzett
          The Fleur de Lis Inn c 2012

Hope and Anchor Dengemarsh

This pub was located near the beach on Dungeness about 1 mile east of Dungeness Point, at the southern end of Dengemarsh Road.
Records show it was a pub in 1879 but was probably a pub long before that. It was a timber built bungalow of 4 bedrooms, sitting room and a large living room with a serving bar. It was next to  Myrtle Cottage, which was built and occupied by the Prebble family, an old Dungeness fishing family, and was occupied up until the Second World War. All that remains today of both the Inn and cottage are their concrete bases.

Map showing the location of Hope & Anchor c1900
  Map showing location c1900

Hope and Anchor Pub c1930
Hope and Anchor pub c1930  (Ack. 45)

Jolly Fisherman(old) Greatstone

The first Jolly Fisherman pub is shown on old 1899 Ordnance Survey map which confirms its location has being in Lydd-on-Seaon on the now Dungeness Nature Reserve, to the west of Leonard Road and just before Hull Road.

This  location  is  some 2 miles to the south of where the now Jolly Fisherman stands. 

It ceased being a pub at that location when its license was transferred to the present day Jolly Fisherman in c1935. Nothing remains of the old site today (2016).

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The ols JOlly Fisherman c1935
      The old Jolly Fisherman in c 1935

New Inn Lydd

Was located in South Street.

The New Inn New Romney

A Grade II Listed Building located in the High Street, it closed in 2015 and became a coffee shop in 2016

New Inn in New Romney
                             The New Inn in 2014

Prince of Wales New Romney

A Grade II Listed Building located in Fairfield Road, it closed in c 2010.

Prince of Wales in New Romney
                     The Prince of Wales ce 2009

Rising Sun Lydd

A Grade II Listed Building located in New Street. It closed in the 1970s and was subsequently converted into two residentail properties.

Rising Sun in Lydd
       The Rising Sun in 2009

Rose & Crown New Romney

The Rose & Crown was located in New Romney High Street in what is now the Fish & Peri and Aboyne Steak House.

The building dates from before the 18th century and, as an inn, was often used as a meeting place for the Sessions Meetings. It ceased being a pub in the 1950s.

Former Rose and Crown

Rose Inn Dymchurch

The Rose Inn was originally located at Rose Cottage in Dymchurch Hight Street up to 1817 when it closed and became a private residence.

The Rose Inn opened again in a new location, its postion being to the front of the current Tesco store in Dymchurch.

Rose Inn
Rose Inn c1800s

Royal Oak Inn Newchurch

Grade II Listed Building located to the east of Newchurch on the junction with GIggers Green Road. Built in the 18th century, it ceased being a pub in in the 1990s and is now a private home.

Royal Oak Inn

The Seahorse Greatstone

Located in Coast Drive, it closed in 2013 and sold to new owners, who converted it to residential use.

The Seahorse
                           The Seahorse in 2012

The Ship Lydd-on-Sea

Built in 1935 beside the prrevious Ship inn, a single storey building. This second Ship closed in about 2017 and was demolished in 2015 to be replaced by residential properties.

The Ship Lydd-on-Sea
                              The Ship in 2013

The Star Lydd

A Grade II Listed Building located in Station Road in Lydd. It was built in the 17th century or earlier. Served its last drink in 2012.

The Star in Lydd
    The Star in 2013

Victoria Hotel New Romney

The Victoria Hotel was located at the south end of New Romney High Street on the corner of Lion's Road.

Established in the 19th century, it became a restaurant c1930s and is now a chinese takeaway.

Victoria Hotel c1900
The Victoria Hotel c 1900 (Ack. 16)

Victoria Hotel 2017
The Victoria Hotel Today