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Friends of Martello24 Members Page

This page provides additional information for the volunteers of the Friends of Martello 24.

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updated 2 October 2017 
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Stewards' Rota - Availabilty September and October 2017

Please tick the boxes in the form below for all the dates for which you are available. If, at a later date, you subsequently need to change any date(s), then just send a new form.
However, if you have already been listed for duty on date you now cannot make, then please try and give at least two weeks notice.

Thanks, Peter



  Email Address: *

I am available on the following dates (Please click on all relevent dates)
September 2017

      Saturday 2 September           Sunday 3 September     
      Saturday 9 September           Sunday 10 Septembert   
      Saturday 16 September         Sunday 17 september   
      Saturday 23 September         Sunday 24 September   
      Saturday 30 September  
October 2017
                                                        Sunday 1 October     
  Saturday 7 October                  Sunday  8 October    
      Saturday 14 October              Sunday 15 October   
      Saturday 21 October              Sunday 22 October   
      Saturday 28 October              Sunday 29 October   

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