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Friends of Martello24 Stewards' Page

This page provides additional information for the volunteer Stewards of the Friends of Martello 24.

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   Friends of Martello24

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Minutes of Meetings of the Friends of Martello24 Trust

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Stewards' Rota - Availabilty March to October 2018

  • Please use Form A and Form B to tell us your availability by ticking the boxes for all the dates for which you are available.
    Form A covers the months March (Easter), April, May, June and July; Form B August, September and October.
  • Please submit Form A by 1 March 2018 and form B by 1 July 2018, at the latest.
  • If, at a later date, you subsequently need to change any date(s), then just submit a new form.
  • However, once you are listed for a duty, if you subsequently cannot undertake that duty, then it is your responsibilty to arrange for another Steward to do the duty.
    If you have any difficulties, then please contact Email Icon Denise.

 Thanks, Denise and Peter