“The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.”

Pubs Yesterday and Today in Photos

This page provides a photo gallery of the historic pubs on Romney showing how they looked like in times gone compared to how they are today.

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Index Icon Royal Oak Lydd
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 If you have any old photos of Romney Marsh pubs, Peter will be pleased to hear from you. 


 You can see old photos of pubs now gone
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Bailiffs Sergeant St Mary's Bay

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Bell Inn Ivychurch

Bell Inn c1910
Bell Inn c1910

Bell IN c1918
Bell Inn in c1918 (Ack.59)

Bell Inn
Bell Inn Today Find out more

The Bell Inn is a pretty, medieval 16th century free house situated adjacent to St George’s Church, in the centre of the small village of Ivychurch. 

 Find out more about the Bell Inn today 

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Botolps Bridge Inn Burmarsh

Botolphs Bridge Inn c1935
Botolphs Bridge Inn in c1935 (Ack.60)

Boto;phs bridge Inn Today
Botolphs Bridge Inn Today Find out more

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Britannia Inn Dungeness

Britannia Inn c 1955
Britannia Inn c1955

Britannia Inn Today
Britannia Inn Today Find out more

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Captain Howey Hotel Littlestone

Captain Howey/ Staion Hotel c 1930-40s
Captain Howey Hotel when it was the Station Hotel c1930s-40s


Capatian Howey Hotel Today
Captain Howey Hotel Today Find out more

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City of London Dymchurch

City of London 1905
City of London in c1905


City of London Today
City of London Today Find out more

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George Hotel Lydd

George Hotel c1920George Hotel c1920

Goerge Htoel date unknown
George Hotel date unknown

George Hotle today
George Hotel Today Find out more

Located in the High Street in Lydd, the 17th century George Hotel was first built in 1620. In its long history, the George has been used by smuggling gangs, as a holding place for those on trial, as a coaching inn, and as a pub and hotel.
The hotel has a reputation for being haunted...
Witnesses have reported strange creaking noises, eerie whispering, slamming doors, loud bangs
and phantom footsteps.
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Jolly Fisherman Greatstone

The Jolly Fisherman in c1935
Jolly Fisherman in 1935

The Jolly Fisherman 2020
Jolly Fisherman Today Find out more

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Hidden Treasure Dymchurch

Hidden Treasure c2017
Hidden Treasure in c1970???


The Hidden Treasure Today
The Hidden Treasure Today Find out more

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Ocean Inn Dymchurch

Ocean Inn (previously Victoria Inn) 1910
Ocean Inn (as the Victoria Inn) in 1910

Ocean Inn (as the Victoria Inn)
date unknown


Ocean Inn
Ocean Inn Today  Find out more

The Ocean Inn is a  traditional community pub built 1733. At some period in its life, likely sometime between 1887 and 1901 

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Pilot Inn Lydd-on-Sea

Pilot Inn c 1909
The Pilot Inn c1909 

The Pilot

Pilot Inn Today
The Pilot Inn Today Find out more

 The origins of the name of The Pilot goes back at least 150 years. There is historical documentary evidence going back at least 150 years that the main bar building of The Pilot was constructed by upturning the hull of a Spanish ship called the ‘Alfresia’ which was deliberately wrecked by the locals in 1633, they murdered the crew and stole the cargo of brandy and gold. The Pilot in c1909 was located it was on the corner as you enter Dungeness, next to the phone box i.e before the railway crossing and opposite the Watering House. When the New Pilot was built in 1958 the interior was constructed with curved ceilings and large beams to carry on the tradition.
Find out more about the Pilot Inn today

More Old Photos of the Pilot  click on a picture to see it enlarged in a slideshow 


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Red Lion Snargate

Red Liuon c1920s
Red Lion c1920s

Red Lion c1950
Red Lion c1950

Red Lion Today
Red Lion today Find out more

The Red Lion pub is located in the village of Snargate dates from around 1540 and is Grade II listed. 

A Finn's of Lydd Brewery, Style & Winch Brewery and later Courage Brewery house which has been in the continuous proprietorship of the Jemisons since 1911, variously named Alf's, Alf's, Doris's and Kate's representing each subsequent licensee from that family. The Jemison family bought the freehold of the pub from Courage in the 1970s. Real ales and ciders are sold, being poured on gravity dispense from casks in the public bar. 
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Rose and Cown Old Romney

Rose and Crown 1928
Rose and Crown in 1928

Rose and Crown c1959

Rose & Crown
Rose and Crown Today Find out more

The Rose and Crown Inn is located in Old Romney and dates as far back as 1689. When first built, the property was two farm dwellings, and these two with ten others and the church of St. Clement formed the entire parish of Old Romney. 
You can find out more about the pub's interesting history here.

Find out more about the Rose and Crown today

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Royal Mail Lydd

Royal Mail date unknown
Royal Mail date unknown

Royal Mail 2017
Royal Mail in 2017, just before it closed

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Royal Oak Lydd

Royal Ok Lydd c1930s
Royal Oak in c1930s

Royal Oak Lydd Today
Royal Oak Today Find out more

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Ship Hotel New Romney

Ship Hotel c1940s
Ship Hotel c1940s

Ship Hotel Garden c1950
Ship Hotel Garden c1950



Ship Hotle Today
Ship Hotel Today Find out more

The Ship Hotel, New Romney, is a 15th century pub and hotel situated in the High Street, New Romney. 
The original Ship was built of mainly ship timber brought from the old port of New Romney. In 1662 it is recorded that the inn underwent extensive alteration, the thatch, wattle and daub was removed in part and replaced with tiles and bricks.
The Ship was an established coach halt being situated on the main Rye to Dover route. More recently In the 20th century, the cellar was also used as a public air-raid shelter in World War II.
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Ship Inn Dymchurch

Ship Inn Dymchurch c1913
Ship Inn Dymchurch c1913

Ship Inn Today
Ship Inn Today Find out more

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The Warren Inn New Romney

Warren Inn c1905
Warren Inn in c1905

Warren Inn Today
The Warren Inn Today Find out more

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Woolpack Inn Brookland

Woolpack in 1890
The Woolpack Inn in 1890

Woolpack Today
The Woolpack Inn Today Find out more

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