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St Peter and St Paul, Dymchurch

St Peter and St Paul Dymchurch
St Peter and St Paul Church

St Peter and St Paul church is a classic Norman church built in the 12th century about 1150 and has remained virtually unchanged for nearly 700 years.

In 1821 the population of Dymchurch increased extensions and modifications and the north aisle was extended and the nave re-roofed giving the church its present lop-sided appearance. St. Peter and St. Paul's has several stories surrounding it.

Its font was once thrown out - possibly by Protestant dissenters- and then restored in the 15th century after being recovered from a ditch.

The church has seen many alterations and restorations since it was first built in the twelfth century. A picture from 1821 shows a charming little church; however, following an increase in population the church altered and grew.

The Norman north wall was demolished along with the old steeple. Other Roman walls still remain as do the north, south and west doorways, the latter now inside a wall of the tower.

In the churchyard are a number of grave stones decorated with the skull and cross bones. Two tombstones in particular catch the eye. One is of Solomon Pepper, a character from the Dr. Syn stories, and the other is of Charles Keeley, a smuggler killed near the Ship Dymchurch by midshipman Richard Morgan who was himself killed by the Aldington smuggling gang in 1826 in Dover.